Welcome to One Family Sendai.

We are a non profit organization established in 2002 to reach out and assist the homeless with low income housing, job opportunities, and transitional phases of life. Our mission is to create “one family” with people in our community through various services, lecture series, street cleaning on every Thursday, and more. Since the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Tohoku on March 11, 2011, our efforts have been extended to help evacuees in emergency shelters by providing meals to thousands of local residents in Sendai. Our day-to-day service is made possible with donations and aid from governmental agencies. We work closely with the City of Sendai to support survivors of this natural disaster and target residents with limited resources. Your donation is greatly appreciated. We have a contact residing in Portland, Oregon, USA for English assistance.
For further info, please e-mail rie@europa.com. We regret to inform you that your donation is not tax deductable.